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HISTORY   This is brief look at the history of Skegby

Skegby's name originates from a Dane named 'Skeggi', meaning "bearded one". It appears in the Domesday Book as "a berewick of the King's manor at Mansfield"."In 1207 Godfrey Spigurnel offered King John twenty marks (13. 6s. 8d) for the grant of five bovates of land and a mill in Skegby, for which he would also pay annual rental of twenty shillings

[From The story of Skegby and Stanton Hill, by W Clay-Dove.]

Skegby Old manor House

The village and parish is located on the two sides of a deep valley, and is 3 miles west of  Mansfield.Godfrey Spigurnal became Lord of the Manor of Skegby in 1223.

 His descendants held  the estate until 1334 when Elizabeth Spigurnal, who married Thomas Gobion, disposed of it to Richard Pensax. His descendant passed it to Percival Lindley in 1450 which was the beginning of the three  hundred year tenure of the Lindley family as Lords of the Manor.

St Andrews Church Skegby

At the Visitation in 1743, sixty-four families were recorded in the parish, with a total population of 200.  In 1817, Mrs Lindley's will founded a Charity in her name.  Kelly's Directory of 1881 gave the fund at 6 13s. 6d. which was split equally between the poor of the parish and the Girl's Sunday School.  The estate passed to John Dodsley in 1820 and the Dodsley family remained in Skegby until the 1930's. The last Manorial Court was held in Skegby Hall on 25th April 1924.

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LINDLEY - History and Origins    This gives a fascinating incite into the Lindley's and there Heraldic connections and describes the Skegby connection  through the  Pensax .family.

Arms - Argent on a chief Sable three griffins heads erased ArgentArms of Lindley

Arms - Argent on a chief Sable three

griffins heads erased Argent

A PEDIGREE  Chart shows the Skegby connection

Will of Elizabeth Lindley of Skegby





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