James Marlborough married Kezia Lindley  

James Marlborough 1853 - 1931                                                     

                               Keziah Lindley

                              Keziah Lindley 1854 - 1924

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The Marlbrough family were associated with Lindley by marriage. James Marlbrough( above) came from a long line of that name , whose earliest records date back to the late 1700's. The earliest records date back to a JOHN1 MALBRO  in Guisbrough YORK'S  in 1772. Descendents of John Marlbro.

James Marlbrough was born in South Stockton(picture.stockton) according to the 1881 Census for Conisbrough1881 Census for Conisbrough and was a neighbour of William Lindley. Both James and William Lindley worked at the Kilner glass works at Conisbrough  

James Marlbrough married Kesiah Lindley in 1878 at Doncaster Register Office, see Descendents Of Richard Lindley of Castleford.

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In the 1800's it was quite common for' trades to marry trades' as both families lived in houses that were owned by the Kilner Glass Company.

Pictures of Seaham and Neighbouring Areas

Seaham Harbour

James's Brother John also lived in the same houses near to the glass works.

James  Marlborough moved away between 1881 and 1891 as the local Census does not record them at Conisbrough. They moved to the  Seaham  harbour area, but his brother John remained at Conisbrough as the 1891 Census shows.

1891 Census Conisbrough MARLBROUGH


Dora Heplewhite nee Marlbrough,daughter of James Marlbrough

Dora Heplewhite nee Marlbrough daughter of James Marlbrough       


James Lindley Marlbrough

James Lindley Marlbrough, had a son Kenneth who had   a daughter Julie now Robinson                  

Keneth Marlbrough Grandson of James Marlbrough

Kenneth Marlbrough  Grandson of James Marlbrough                                         


Mary Elizabeth Smith nee Marlbrough.jpg

Mary Elizabeth Smith nee Marlbrough daughter of James Marlbrough





                                                                                                                                                                                                 Morley Place School 1902 Shows George Marlbrough aged17

                            Group class photo' Morley Place School Conisbrough1902 Back row RH side is George Marlbrough An assistant master aged 17 See 1891 Census Conisbrough













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