The Milner Pulpit at Hutton Rudby, showing the Lindley & Milner connection



 Will June 18th 1480/81

 I Richard Lyndaley of Scoterselk in the parish of Rudby. Buried in the Church of All Saints Rudby. I bequethe a candle (to stand) before the image of the Blessed Virgin in the chapel,  and another before the image of All saints. To  Master John Lyndley to celebrate (mass0 for my soul 4. To Nicholas Lyndley my son,  best gown of blue colour, one tunic of camlet, and one complete set of bedclothes, one silver spoon, one cottage in Haton by Rudby. To Thomas Lyndley my son one gown of mulberry colour lined with black cloth, one tunic of black satin, one complete set of bedclothes, and one silver spoon, one cottage in Little Broghton. To Katherine my daughter two complete set of bedclothes, and Four silver spoons, 2 brass pots, 1bowl, 1 round trivet, and one brewing vat, half a set of pewter vessels. To Thomas Stodelay, one blue gown lined with black cloth. I appoint as executors Cuthbert Lightfoot Chaplin, Robert Dalton of Thormanby, and Thomas Lyndley my son. I bequethe to thr said Thomas Lyndley, my son for his maintenance at the court in London 66s 8d. To the fabric of the bell tower of Stoxeley 6s 8d. To the vestry  at Kirkeby, to be built with lead 3s 4d, otherwise not.

The Bishops Chair at Hutton Ruby All Saints



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