St. Oswald's Church, Leathley

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Will September 23 1557

 In the name of God Amen, the 23rd day of  May Anno d 1557, I Lawrence Lyndley  of Leathley in the county of York gent beynge in Perfect mynde and memory thanks to almighty God do ordayne and make this my last Will and testament in manor and forme followynge. First I give and bequethe my soule toalmighty God my maker and redeemer, and my body to be buryed in Chrshan  mens buryall when it shall please God to call me to his mercye also I give and bequethe to Elizabeth my wife my hooli interest and leaseof lands myles and the occupation thereof until such tyme my son John Lyndley come to age of 24 years to help her brynge up all my children. Item I give and bequethe to Elizabeth my wife interest and lease of Dean Grange. Item I give and bequethe  my lease of Leathley to my said wife durynge the term of years yet to come, to brynge up my said children wythe.  Also I wiyll that my said wife shall yearlye from hencforthe at the feast of Easter contente and pay to Thomas Hardwick gent and Richard Boothe, to the use and behalfe of my children that is to say Francis Lyndley, Henry Lyndley, William Lyndley, Margaret Lyndley,  the sim of twenty marks of lawful money of England to be equally divided amongst them, when they or any of them shall come to age of 21 years and that my saide wife with sufficient sureties wythe her shall stande boden to the saide Thomas Hardwicke and Richard Boothe for the payment of the saide sum of 20 marks to be truly contented and paide every year  at the saide feast 0f Easter to the saide use as then learned counsel shall devise. Also I will  that all my goods and cattallls (Chattels) beynge divided in three parts viz the first part for myselfe to beare my funeral expenses and charges, the seconde for my wife and the third part to be equally divided amongst my children Francis Lyndley, Henry Lyndley, William Lyndley and  Margaret Lyndley my daughter 6 13s 4d. To Francis Lyndley my seconde son 40s. To Henry Lyndley, William Lyndley my two other sonnes either of them 40s. Also I wyll that the saide Thomas Hardwick and Richard Boothe shall yearlye recyve  the hooll years rent for all my copye hold lands in Leeds and leeds Woodhouse or elsewhere within the county of York to the useof my saide children until they come to the age of 21 years. Item I give to Richard Boothe  of Leeds my freehold lands in Leeds aforesaide for ever. Item I give and bequethe to Umfray Hogdson my curate the occupation of one close in Leathley called  Myre close duringe his life without anythinge paying therefore. Item I give and bequeathed to Sir Edward Lyndley Priest his house and tenements  that he dwelath upon duringe his natural lyfe without anythinge painge therefore, to singe and pray for my soule at Leathley or elsewhere. Item I ordayne and make Francis Palmer of Lyndley esquire and Thomas Hardwicke of Newton gent, Mathew Redman gent and Elizabeth my wife myne executors of this my last Will and testament. . Item I ordayne and make Sir Cuthbert Layton Knight my uncle in lawe, Richard Boothe and Thomas Lyndley yeoman supervisors of this my last Will and testament. Item I give to Thomas Lyndley my cousin 5 wythe my Gray horse beynge (thus). Item I give to Richard Boothe of Leeds my brother in lawe 5 marks for the paynes to be taken herein. Item I give and bequethe to the church of Leathley 20s. Item I give and bequethe to be distributed amongst the poore people within the Parish of Leathley 20s. Item I will that my executors reyve the profetts and yearly rents of all my  foraige lands in Leathley, Farnley, and Shadwell or els within England for the performance of this my last Wyll during the no age (minority) of John Lyndley. The residue of my goods not bequeathed, all my debts and funeral expenses paid,  I give to myne executors. In wytnes of this my last Will and testament I have subscribed my name wythe myne own hand the year and day  above written. Witnesses hereof Sir Cuthbert Layton Knight, Sir Robert Knight Priest, Thomas Lyndley, Roufe Burrell, Xopher Emerson, Xopher Ackson, Robert Fawkener, Robert Kendall and Henry Martyn with others.

 Signed Lawrence Lyndley

 On 23rsd September 1557 Francis Palmer, Mathew Reidman amigers and Elizabeth his relic were sworn duly to administer the estate, there being present Xopher Ackson and Henry Martyn, witnesses to the Will



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