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In the Name of God Amen I John Lindley of Leeds in the County of Yorke Clothworker being weak in Body but of sound & disposeing Mind and Memory yet mindful of Mortality doe make this my last will and testament in writing in Manner and Form following and principally I comend my Soul to Almighty god my Creator who first bestowed the same upon me and my Body to ye Earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned and as for and as for such temporall Estate wherewith it hath please God to blesse me with I give devise and bequeath the Sums as followeth.  First my will and mind is that my just debts and Funerell expenses be paid and discharged.  Item I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Theophilie Lindley five shillings in full satisfaction of her claym to my personal Estaite. I also give to my daughters Theophilie & Margarett each of them ten shillings to be paid six months after my dowage and as for the residue of my personell Estaite whatsoever I give and bequeath the same  and every parte thereof unto my severell children hereafter named that is to say Richard Lindley Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Clubley  Mary Lindley  Sarah wife of Roger Heald  Wm Lindley Martha Lindley and Jane Lindley whom I make joynt executors of this my final will and hereby revoking all other wills by me made and declare this to be my last will and testament.  In witnesse whereof I the said John Lindley have hereunto sett my hand and seale the First day of May in the First year of the Reign of our sovraigne Lord King George Anno dom. 1715.

 Signed John Lindley

Seald  signd publishd and declared in ye presence of

Jo. Maude

Abrahm AP Poe Jnr

Jos Spinke?

 Inventory of the estate of John Lindley, Kirkgate, Leeds 1715

 A True and perfect Inventory of the goods Chattells and debts of John Lindley late of Leeds Kirkgate in the County of Yorke clothworker decesed aprised and valued the ninth day of May one thousand seven hundredand fifteen by us whose names are here underwritten.

 Imprimis his purse and apparell ... 1  1s  6d

 Goods in the House

One range end irons and tongs ... 8s  0d

One ovil table ... 8s  0d

One Square table ... 2s  6d

Four chairs ... 4s  0d

One iron pot ... 5s  0d

Three pans ...  3s  6d

Three brass Candlesticks ... 2s  6d

One pair of racks  ...  2s  0d

One Cleiver ...  1s  0d

One hanging Jack ... 1s  6d

One brass scummer  ...  1s  0d

One roasting Jack ...14s  0d

Two spits ... 2s  0d

Two iron Candlesticks  ... 6d

One fire Shovell  ...  1s  6d

One Iron grate  ... 5s  0d

 Goods in the Great Parlour

One long table  ...  5s  0d

Six lether chairs  ...  9s  0d

One Square table  ...  1s  d

One Seeing glass  ...  10s  0d

Goods in the little Parlour

One bed and beding  ... 2  0s  0d

One Cupboard  ...  2s  6d

Four pewter dishes six plates one mustard box two salts .. 12s  8d

One doz: of trenchers 1: driping pan 1:pudding pan ... 3s  6d

One lanthorne  one milking kiff  ...  2s  0d

One foot chist  one pewter chamber pot  ... 3s  6d

One little cupboard and one stand  .. 2s  6d

 Goods in the Chamber

One bed & beding  ... 1  10  0d

One little table  ... 8d

One Chest  ...  3s  6d

One brass mortar  one mustard bullet  ...  6s  0d

 Goods in the other Chamber

One bed & beding  ...  15s  0d

Some other hustlement  ...  2s  0d

 Goods in the kitchen

One lead & other brewing vessell  ... 2  10s  0d

 Goods in the Cellar  ...  2  0s  0d

 An amount of the debts oweing by the Testator

 Imprimis Mrs Sarah Maude  ... 1  9s  0d

John Webster  ...  1  6s  8d

Mrs Milburne  ... 10  0s  0d

Mr Joshua Pickersgill  ...  5  0s  0d

Samuell Wright  ... 10  0s  0d

Richard Lindley  ... 1   10s  0d

For Malt grinding  ...  13s  4d

Mr Pollard  ...  2  7s  10d

One half year rent  ...  2  10s  0d

Sarah Jackson  ... 10s  0d


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