Photographs of Old Conisbrough


The Photographs on this page are by permission of June & Tony Greathead and are part of a book

written and compiled by them in 1990. I am grateful to June & Tony for letting  me enhance my site

and to give visitors a view of Conisbrough's  past.

More Photo's can be added if visitors request them.

 Click on image to enlarge. Hover over photo's for a description.

Morley Place School 1902.


Morley Place School in 1960.


/Prior Manor Conisbrough Probably built in the 1500 to 1600 period.


Crookhill Hall 1910 Demolished in 1968


Conisbrough CinemaClosed in about 1959. Church St Conisbrough
Conisbrough St Peters Church Pe 1882 Entrance to Conisbrough Cemetry Opened  in 1892.j Conisbrough Castle.
/Conisbrough Castle early 1900's /Another View of Church St Conisbrough /Conisbro church in 1990's
/Mrs Mitchell's Shop Castle St 1910. Another view of Mrs Mitchell's shop 1902 Castle St Conisbrough Railways Station 1920.



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