A Strange Coincidence.


 I was asked to give a talk at the January 2000 meeting of the Doncaster Family History Society, held at the central library at Doncaster. The talk was about the records I had used to trace my ‘LINDLEY’ family back to the early 1600’s.

 The meeting was anything but a normal society meeting, in that it was the 20th anniversary of its formation.  Some senior dignitaries were in attendance, notably the Earl of Scarborough, the Bishop of Doncaster and the founding chairman Derek Palgrave & his wife. A special cake was made in the shape of a birth certificate and the local press were in attendance and some photographs were taken.

 Instead of the normal seating arrangement, tables were set out seating about 8 members.

After the talk I joined my wife at one of the tables, after some initial conversation I discovered that two of the lady members, June Emms nee Walton and Gwen Keeling nee Walton, sisters, were in fact researching the WALTON surname. I asked them if there  WALTON’s came from Denaby and earlier from Bawtry, and that my grandmother was a WALTON before she married George Constantine.  To my amazement they said that it was the same family and that there great grandfather was Richard Walton born at Bawtry, which meant that we had the same great grandfather. We are now searching for James Walton the grandfather of Richard who was married and raised a family at Rossington from 1804 onwards. Any information about James would be welcome.

 Society meetings are not just for listening to talks, but can often be a source of information in themselves as I discovered. ‘A STRANGE COINCIDENCE

 John Lindley

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