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Abstract from the Will of Thomas Lindley of Lindley near Otley Volume 3 Folio 584 August 14th 1439  In the name of God amen in the 11th day of July AD 1439 and the 17th year of the reign of Henry IV.  I Thomas Lyndley of Lyndley near Otley in the county of York gentlemen in good memory thanks be to the Almighty make and ordain my last will and testament in manner and form following.  First and I commend my soul to almighty God believing in my redemption and my body to be buried in the church of Otley.  I give to the high altar of the said Church 6s. 8d.

I give to Percival my son and heir various inscribed pieces, namely two silver pieces with a cover to them each; two similar pieces in plain silver without covers; two myrrh containers of silver and gilded; two silver salts with covers, a silver powder box and my 12 best silver spoons; also my armour which is kept beneath the new tower at Hexham with a borespear thereto belonging.

 I give to my three children namely John, Alice and Margarete £120  - that is to say £40 each when they marry or come of age  - if one dies his or her share to be divided between the others.

 I give to Robert Lyndley my brother 10 marks.

I give to William Cowdray 20 shillings, Robert Heafe 20 shillings and John Heap 13 shillings and four pounds.

 Item I desire that John Brig chaplain celebrate Mass for the benefit of my soul, and those of my ancestors and my friends in the Chapel of Harrogate for three years receiving for his salary £12 in silver; and that William Wilson Chapel sing to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the parish church of Otley, having in addition to hear his stipend six marks.

 The residue of my goods and chattels, my legacy is having been paid, I leave to Katherine my wife. Executors  - my wife Katherine and Robert Newall perpetual curate of the parish of Otley.

Witnesses  - William Duffield; John unknown; Thomas Beck with and Hugo Pakenham.

On August 14 1439 the executors named in the will were sworn in. Source: Surtees Society Volume 30 ‘Testamenta Eboracensia’ publ. 1855.


The head of an ancient and very respectable Yorkshire family, of the history of which there is but little known.  He appears to have held some patent office at Hexharn. under the Archbishop of York.  A branch of his family was at this time settled at Scutterskelf in Cleveland, in right of an heiress of the family of Gower, who had married into the family.  Some notices of them will be given hereafter.


Percival Lindley of Lindley, Esq., by his will, dated August 13, 1495, desires to be buried in the churchyard of Otley, at the east end of the choir.  To Thomas Lindley, his son and heir, he leaves all the plate which his father had bequeathed to him.  To his three daughters he leaves 20s. each.  To his sons, John, Richard, and Percival, 26s. 8d. each.  The residue he leaves to Isabel his wife, William Lindley his son, and William Lindley of Leathley.  [Prob. 28 May, 1499.]




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