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[Reg. Test. xiii. 73.]

In the name of God, Amen. The xxvj day of September, in the year of our Lord God a
thousand five hundred forty and two, I, Thomas Johnson,* of Lindley, knight, calling to
my remembrance the uncertainties of life, purposing not one lie to prepare and dispose my self toGod for the wealth of my so all, but also to dispose my goods, with also my manors, lands,tents., reversions and services according to the statute lately made.

 First I bequeathed my soul to Almighty God, our ladie Saint Marie, and to all the holy company in heaven and my bodies to he buried within our lady queer of the church of Otley dedicated in the honor of all halos, if I decease therin the parishes, and if I decease in my other place, then my sepulture to be at the discression of my  executors, and I bequeathed for my mortuaries as the law requires. Also I bequeath to the high altar o Otley for my tithes forgotten vj s. viij d. Also I will that mine executors do cause a stone to be laide upon me, an image of the Nativities of our Lamb set open the same, and an image of my self made knelling under with mine arms in fore comers of the same stone to be likewise set for a remembrance.

 Also I will that Dame Isabell my wifeshall have my manors of Leathley, Walton heed and Arrows open the Woode in the counties of York, to have and to hold for term of here life natural. Also I give to Anne Kighley lands in Lynton in the county of York of the yearly value of iiij li. for term of her lit Also I give to the said Dame Isabell and William Skrymsher the manner of Russington in the county of Lincoln for term of xvj years to begins after my decease, and after the said term to remain to Arthur Johnson my sonne for term of his lif, and further I give to Isabell my wife and William Skrymsher my manners, lands in Thornton, Oteryngton, Snathe, Hensall, Goldinge, otherwise Goldale, to hold to the clear yearly value of xxv li xv S. iiij d. for xvj years to take and dispose as in this my will shall be declared, that is to say

 I will that the said Isabell and William shall pay to Margaret my daughter one hundreth marks for her marriage or preferment, and to Francis my daughter one hundreth marks. Also I give my hole lease of the parks of Spofforthe and Top cliff for the term of xvij years so that the said doughters Margaret and Frauncys and also my son Arthur have there finding of the issues unto such time as that my said doughters come to the age of xviij years, if they be not married, and my said son Arthur of the age of xxj years, over and above the cc marks to my said daughters by this my will appointed. I will that the same Isabell and William of the issues of the same manors shall give to Mawde Palmes one hundreth marks to and for her manage according as by the last will of Brian Palmes appeared, and to Jane Palmes daughter of Brian Palmes xxiij li. vj s. viij d. for her marriage, and to Anne Kighley xlii. in recompense of here Goode service done and for here favor here after to be^true to my children, and to Francis Palmer son of Brian Palmes deceased and the said ladie Isabell Johnson late wif of Brian Palmes one hundreth pounds, upon condition that he the said Frances Palmes be bounden in one obligatory in the some of cc  li. unto Henrie Johnson son and here of the said Sir Thomas Johnson, that he the said Francis Palmes his heirs at no time after the death of lady Dame Isabell his mother shall dame any title in the manor of Lyndley nor to any hands in Lyndley, Farnley, Otley, Kirby, Rigton and Leathley.

 And I give to the said Isabell and William the manor of Staneburghe leave for the term of the lives of Henrie Everyngham the father and Henrie Everyngham the sonne and of the issues, to pay to Henrie Everyngham, esquire, for the term of his lifxe xvj li. xiij s. iiij d., and to Hennie Everyngham sone after the decease of the father twenty pounds during the life of Henrie Everyngham the sonne. I will that the said Isabell and William resave of the manner of Ashwellxx 11. to go the marriage of Maude Palmes according to here fathers will, to be taken as parte ofthe payment of one hundreth marks to here appointed by this my will. Item

I will that Dame Isabell my wife all such parcelles of plate, jewelles, bedding and other housholde stuffs here after shall appear for term of here life so that she levee all the same to the use of Henrie Johnson my son or other son to me, and in default of such issue male to such daughter or daughters as shall forton me to have by the said Dame Isabell, I will that my cosyn Skrymshere shall have his annuity out of my lands in Walton Hiedde. I give to Dame Isabell and William Scrymsher five marks, whome I make rnyne executores. Witnesses, Sir Thomas Wiglesworth
and William Grenne.

[Proved 2 3 Jan., 1545-6}

He married Isabel, daughter of Thomas Lindley, of Leathley, widow of Brian Palmes, of Famley (see his will Test. Ebor. v. 264). They had Henry Johnson. of Walton Head, who narrowly escaped attainder at the time of the Insurrection or the North, Arthur, the other son, seems to have married Anne, daughter of George Watcrhouse, of Harthill. Margaret, his daughter, married Richard Fawkes of Famley. 



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