Will made September 6 1569.

Leonerde Lynley of parish Trinitie in Goodramgate city of Yok

My bodie to be buried  within the parish church or churchyard.

After debts and funeral expences paid, all goods to my wife Elizabeth Lynley and to Cuthbert Lynley, John Lynley and Ann Lynley – all to be execitors.

I have a house  in Myllington/Shillington (not clear on the original will) and the same house I give to my eldest son Cuthbert Lynley to the use of the several debts owing by Leonarde Lynley at the time of his death  - to the 3 childrenRichard Wylkynsonne, William Wylkynsonne and Elizabeth Wylkynsonne £20 of which there is £10 in Mr Colum hand,owing to Mr Collynsonne 35s and to Mr Collynsonne for 6 –of aylle 16s, owing to Mr Robynsonne 6s, owing to Thomas Appleyard 9s. owing to Mr Costart 13s 4d, owing to John Chambers 26s 8d the whole 26s 8d to be paid – at Martynmas next 13s 4d,at Penticost 6s 8d and at Lamas 6s 8d, owing to George Watkyng 13s 4d.

 Witnesses – Mr Collynsonne, John Butler, Heughe Hall, Edward Robynsonne, Sir John Natysonne clarke




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