In the name of God Amen the 9th of June in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and twelve. I Francis Lindley of Potternewton do make this my last Will and testament in maonor and form following. First I give my soule to Almighty God and my bodie to be buried in the parish Church or Churchyard at Leeds. Item, for my lands my will and minde is that Edith my wife shall have all my lands during her widowhood and my son even to the age of twenty one years. And that she will bring him up with learning or some good occupation or trade. And my will and mind is that Gilbert my son shall at twenty one years of age have the third part of my lands so long as his mother is widow, but if it shall fortune Edith his mother to marry after my death then my will and mind is that my son Gilbert shall have two parts of my lands so long as his mother do live, immediately after her marriage and she but the third part. And my will and minde is that my son Gilbert after the death of  Edith my wife shall all my houses and lands with the appurtenances to him and his heirs for ever. Item my will is that my debts shall be paid of my whole goods. Item I give to my brother Thomas Lindley twenty shillings. Item I give to Jennet Browne two shillings. Item I give to my cousin Emo two shillings. I give to twenty poor folk each of them 12 d to such as my wife thinketh best.  Item all the resadue of my goods I give to Edith my wife and Gilbert my son whom I do make my two executors and that they shall therof bring me honestly forth. These being Witness, William Calvery, John Aratage. And at that day (i.e. 22nd April 1613) Administration was granted to the executors named in the Will


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