Widow of Richard Lynlay of Otley

Otley All Saints Church

Otley All Saints Church



Will March 29 1568

In the name of God Amen the xxiij day of January 1566 I Dorothie Lynlay of Otley widowe sicke in bodye but holle in mynd and good rememberance do make this my last will and testament in manor and forme followinge. First I commend my soule to almighty God my creator and to Jesus Christ my redeemer and my bodye to be buried in the church yard of Otley and all other deutyes to be done as the lawe requireth . Also  that my mynd and will is that my sonne John Lynlay shall have my lease and my interest of my lease and farmhold called the Hall Garth withal the appertenaces belonginge thereunto with all my goods not given nor bequethed by this my last will and testament upon the condition that he shall paye to my daughter Dorothie the some of twelve marks one year imediatlie after my decease for her holle childes portion so that she shall marye by consent of Master Francis Palmes my cosyng Mr William Hawksworth and my cosyng  Richard Fawkes or any two of them. Also I will that my sonne John shall paye unto my sonne Francis the residue of his childs portion unpaid which is 40s. Also my will is that my son sonne John shall take this my legacie for a full satisfaction of all the childs portion due to my said sonne John after the death of his father and for all other debts and demands whiche I do owe hym at this present.. Item I do bequethe to mine vicar of Otley 3s 4d to pray for me. I bequethe to my daughter Isabell Hewley my beste gowne. One chambley Kirtle and one fine towel and to everyone of her children one gymber lambe, and to Thomas Hewley my sonne in lawe 6s 8d. Item I bequethe to my daughter Dorothie one gown edged with cremysinge (crimson) velvet, half a garnishe of vessel, six new potigers my coffer,a payre of fine sheits, a diaper towel. A fetter bedd, a matteris, a awninge of a bedd, two coverlets and one bolster. I bequethe to my daughter Grene one matteris two coverlets a bolster belonginge the holle bedd, my better mantill, a paire of sheits, my best hat and to Dorothie Grene one gymber lambe. Item to James Grene 3s 4d. Item to my sonne John two chisles in my parlor, one prese and two paire of beddstocks  there, one brason mortar, one old angell and one rounde table. Item I bequethe to my cosynge William Arthrington of Esthold? An old angell and to my cosynge his wife one payre of fine hose. Item I bequethe to my cosyn Margaret Fawkes a paire of tawnyne  satten shewes, a bluwe glasse and certayne peaces of damaske. Item I give to Katherine Fawkes and Elizabeth Fawkes to either of them one yewe.  Item I bequethe Elizabeth Clarke a paire harden sheits a Kerchief a petticote and a single vaile. Item I bequethe to my daughter Dorothie one brasse  potte and one hynginge panne. Item to my daughter Jennet Grene one pillion. Item I bequethe to my sonne Xopher and my sonne Francis either of them 10s. Item I bequethe to my cosyng William Hawksworthe one old angell, to my cosyng his wife a paire of fine hose. Item I bequethe to Prudence Hewley one cow and to my daughter Hewley one cusifix. Item I give to my daughter Dorothie all my napperie ware. Item I give to everyone of my servants in the house 12d. Item I order and make my cosyng William Hawksworth and my sonne John Lynlay joyntlie executors of this my last will and testament and I  require  Mr Francis Palmes and my cosynge  Richard Fawkes to be supervisors  of this my last will and testament and  I gyve to either of them  for there payne 3s 4d and to Mr Palme a paire of newe gloves. Item I bequethe to my sonne John one silver spoone. In witness hereof I the said Dorothie have sett my mark to this my last will and testament the daye and year above said. These witnesses John Bains, John Dickenson, Xopher Swallowe, Antoyne Wards with others

Administration granted 29th March 1568



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