In the name of God Amen the eighte  day of October  in the 34th yeare  of the Ragine  of our Soveragne Ladye  Elizabeth by the grace of God of England  France and Irelande Queen Defender of the faithe etc Anno Domini one thousande five hundereth fourscore and twelve, I Christopher Lyndlay of Castley  within the parish of Leathley and county of Yorke yeoman bringe of whole mynde and perfect memorie god be praysed therefore do make and ordaine this my present testament contayninge therin my last  will in maner and form e that followethe. First  and principallie I give and bequeath my soule to almightye  God my maker and Jesus Christ my saviour and Redemmer and my bodie to be buriede within the church or church yearde of the foresaide Leathley. Item I give and bequeath unto Margaret my wyef all my holle lands and tenements which I have within the town territories and fields of Castley unto such tyme as my sonne  John shall com unto the full age of twenty and fowere yeares to pay requite and discharge all suche debtes as I Christopher Lyndlay doe owe at the day of my death and also I will that the saide John Lyndley  my sonne shall pay unto Elizabeth  Lyndley his sister and my daughter the some of fifteen pounds of good and lawful English money within one hoole yeare next after he shall soe accomplishe the foesaide 24 years and other fyfteene pounds of like English money within two hoole years next after the saide John my sonne shall enter into that that third parte which my mother  nowe occupyrthe for her thirds of the landes of my layte father John Lyndley of the forsaide Castley deceased and further my will is that if ye saide John my sonne  shall deney and will nott pay the foresaide some thertye pounds unto his sister Elizabeth my daughter then my will is that the saide Elizabeth to have the therd of my holle lalnds and tenements in Castley unto her and her heirs for ever.  I will that John Hudlestonne my tenement have all that therde parte or moytye of my lands and tenements in Castley aforesaide which he nowe occupyethe from the invention of the cross commonlie Sainte Helline day nowe nexte ensueinge the date therof unto the end of twenty and one years, payinge therefore yearlie fortye shillings at Pentecoste and Sainte  Martine ye Bishoppe in winter unto Jennet Lyndley dureinge her life and after her life naturall unto the heirs of the said Christopher Lyndley.  Item I give and bequeath unto the said John Lyndley  my sonne all my waires,coopes, plowes, yockes, teames with all other thinges there unto belonginge when he shall come unto the age of 24 years. Item I give more unto the said John my sonne one great arte which standeth in the laithe or barne. Item I give unto Elizabeth ny daughter my cubberde Provide alwaise that Margaret my wyef be not letted or hindered after therdes of my hoole lands and tenements in Castley  for and dureinge her lyf naturall. All the reste of my goodes and chattels my debtes legacies and funeralls payde and discharged at the day of my buriall I give unto Margaret my wyef whome I make my  full and holle executrix of this my laste will and testement this men beinge witnesses . Thomas parker my brother in lawe, John Hudlestonne, Christopher Hudlestonne and William Robertes.


Proved May 2nd 1593


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