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The Robert Lindleys from the Otley area are not very frequent - the ones that  have noted are listed below. After the 1433 one there is nearly 100 years before the next Robert in Yorkshire, and that is not in the Otley area.

Robert LINDELAY m Warrant 15 6 1369 Fountains Abbey Ripon Yorkshire England
On 15 June 1369 Richard Tempest, William de Plumpton, William Tempest, Adam
de Bekwyth, Robert de Lyndelay, and Percival de Lyndelay were ordered to arrest in the County of York and to bring before the King and Council, William de Malham of Calton, Thomas de Frecklyngton, John de Warderobe and Robert Jolyf and on 16 June, a commission to hear and deter-mine the Abbot's complaint was addressed to Robert de Nevill of Horneby, John de Depeden, Hugh Huls, John Markham and John de Ingelby.(1)  A careful search has failed to discover the Commissioner's report.
(1)  Patent Rolls, 19 Richard II, part 2. 1369

Robert LYNDELAY m Subsidy Roll 0 0 1379 - Lindley Yorkshire England Robertus
de Lyndelay, Armiger iij.s. iiij.d.
VILLA DE LYNDELAY.Subsidy Rolls (Poll Tax) for the year 1379, Skyrack
wapentake, Otley parish. 1379

Robert LINDELAY m Witness 0 0 1380 - Farnley Yorkshire England Grant by
Thomas Huetson of Farnley to Laurence, his son, his heirs. and assigns, of lands [as in the preceding deed]. Sealing clause.  Witnesses: Robert de Lyndelay, Richard Faukes, John Faukes, William Faukes, William Symson, Henry Wilkynson, John Henreson. At Farnelay. (Ibid., No. 14.) 1380

Robert LINDLAY m Witness 6 10 1391 - Farnley Yorkshire England Grant by
William son of Simon Pawson of Farnelay, and Joan, his wife, to Dom. Robert de Newall, chaplain, and William Warde, of all the lands, tene-ments, rents and services with appurtenances in the vill and territory of Farnelay; to hold to them, their heirs and assigns in perpetuity, of the chief lords ofthe fee.  Warranty.  Sealing clause.  Witnesses: Robert de Lyndlay, Lawrence de Lyndlay, Percival de Lyndlay, John de Burlay, John de Farnelay. At Farnelay. (Ibid., No. 16.) 1391

Robert LYNDLAY m Memorial Inscription 0 0 1400 - Otley Yorkshire England
Lindley Memorial, Otley Parish Church 1400

Robert LINDLAY m Witness 14 6 1422 - Farnley Yorkshire England Grant by
Laurence Thomson of Fernelay to Robert, his son, his heirs and assigns, of lands [as in No. 202]. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Robert de Lyndlay, Thomas de Lyndley, Richard Williamson of Fernlay, William Henrison of the same, Thomas Henrison of the same. At Ferenelay. (Ibid., No. 15.) 1422

Robert LINDELAY m Witness 16 8 1433 - Farnley Yorkshire England Demise by
Robert Lawrens son of Laurence Thomson of Lyndelay, to William Lawrens of Lyndelay, his brother, of a toft and a croft and 9 acres of land in Farnlay in the place called Elkstunbothom. Witnesses: Thomas Lyndelay of Lyndelay, Robert Lyndelay of Lethelay, gentilman, Richard Williamson of Fernelay, Thomas Angrum of Farnelay, William Wodd, rector of the church of Lethelay. At Farnlay. (Ibid., No. 18.) 1433

As you say, there was much contact with Leeds and Lindleys tended to gravitate in that direction. However, there was the North Yorkshire group (Skutterskelfe, Hutton Rudby), a branch that moved to Hull (merchants) and then to York (from which line Francis Lindley, the first Registrar of the West Riding and owner of Bolling Hall was descended). Sir Henry L netted Middleham Castle as a consequence of his career (seems to have been a soldier) but Arthur Lindley his nephew appears to have lost that. One or two of Sir Henry's brothers or nephews got to Cambridge as sizers (poor students  who served on richer ones to pay their way). One of these became University
Preacher, and another entered the church getting a living in Kent (at Little  Chart) - his children seem to have stayed in the south.

I keep meaning to draw this together at some point (and certainly must improve the referencing - too many ibids) !

My thanks to John Lindley of North Yorkshire for the above information

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