Kippax St Mary


Kippax St Mary

Kippax St Mary , An almost entirely Norman Church standing on top of the village in a very large Churchyard. It is thought that it may have once been a Minster Church, as there was a Parish here in Saxon times.

Kippax St Mary is were many Lindley's were Married, Bapt and Buried. My Lindley's must have been on the move by the early 1800's away from Castleford. William Lindley of Allerton Bywater (known as William Lindley of Allerton in the Kippax registers} had all his children baptised at Kippax St Mary from 1770 to 1788. William died in 1789 leaving a Will (Will of William Lindley) The original of this Will is in the Borthwick Institute at York.

Williams youngest son John married a Mary Caldwell at Leeds St Peter In 1813

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John was a farmer, but died very young at 31 in 1819.  Mary his wife remarried to a Dawson at Leeds St Peter. John had 3children, William, Ann and Luke. William moved to the Leeds area and by 1841 was in the Swillington area and had a son to a Jane Lister who he later married.

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