Descendants of EDWARD PAYNE

Note: The Payne family went to Australia in the 19th Century and settled in Wollongong in New South Wales. The present family head is Gordon Payne, who married Dorothy May Stacey. Dorothy's Mother was Hilda Ackroyd, who was the author's relative as she came from the Ackroyds of Conisbrough, South Yorkshire

Gordon Payne in 2003 at WollongongDorothy Payne 2003 at Wollongong

Gordon & Dorothy Payne 2003


Generation No. 1


 1.  EDWARD1 PAYNE was born Bet. 1670 - 1690 in PERTENHALL.  He married ANN BENTLEY 15 Nov 1711 in STOTFIELD, Bedfordshire, (12 Milse from St Neots). 

 Notes for EDWARD PAYNE:


 The Payne's appear to originate from St Neots, in the Huntington area

St Neots Visitation, by James 1st lists Edward Payne born 1600 as heir to Dutchy of St Neots Huntington at 1613.

Civil War 1642 -60 many records were lost. So there is a gap of about 80 years in Payne Pedigree.

        Children of EDWARD PAYNE and ANN BENTLEY are:

2.                i.    EDWARD2 PAYNE, b. 1712, STOTFIELD.

                  ii.    JOHN PAYNE, b. 1714, STOTFIELD; m. MARY TICKLE.

 Generation No. 2

 2.  EDWARD2 PAYNE (EDWARD1) was born 1712 in STOTFIELD.  He married ELIZABETH GRAY 1740 in ASTWICK.  She was born 29 Jul 1727 in BARTON IN CLAY, and died in STOTFIELD, 40th year.


Headstone  in St Mary  Stotfiels says :

Elizabeth Payne died 18/11/1762 in her 40th year.

Anne Payne died 21 - 1796  aged 16

James Bentley died Oct 1788 aged 77

Stotfield is about 12 miles from St Neots

        Children of EDWARD PAYNE and ELIZABETH GRAY are:

3.                i.    JOHN3 PAYNE, b. 1741, ASTWICK Bedfordshire.

                  ii.    MARY PAYNE, b. 1752, ASTWICK Bedfordshire.

                 iii.    ANN PAYNE, b. 1745, ASTWICK Bedfordshire.

                 iv.    WILLIAM PAYNE, b. 1749, ASTWICK Bedfordshire.

  Generation No. 3

 3.  JOHN3 PAYNE (EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 1741 in ASTWICK Bedfordshire.  He married MARY WHITE 1766 in STOTFIELD, Bedfordshire, (12 Milse from St Neots). 

        Children of JOHN PAYNE and MARY WHITE are:

4.                i.    WILLIAM4 PAYNE, b. 1772, HOUGHTON CONQUEST.

                  ii.    JOHN PAYNE, b. 1769.

                 iii.    ROBERT PAYNE, b. 1770.

                 iv.    GEORGE PAYNE, b. 1783.

                  v.    ANN PAYNE, b. 1780; d. 1796.

  Generation No. 4

 4.  WILLIAM4 PAYNE (JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 1772 in HOUGHTON CONQUEST.  He married ELIZABETH  HOLLINGSWORTH 1794 in FLITWICK.  She was born 1768 in AMPTHILL.


                   i.    HENRY5 PAYNE, b. 1799.

5.               ii.    MARTIN PAYNE, b. 1805 , HARLINGTON; d. 1873 , BEECHWORTH, Victoria Australia.


  Generation No. 5

 5.  MARTIN5 PAYNE (WILLIAM4, JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1)  was born 1805 in HARLINGTON, and died 1873 in BEECHWORTH, Victoria Australia.  He married MARY ODELL, daughter of EDWARD ODELL and ANN JONES.  She was born 1808 in PULLOXHIL, Bedfordshire, and died 1888 in BEECHWORTH, Victoria Australia.

 Notes for MARTIN PAYNE:

From Gordon Payne's notes:

Martin , Mary and 4 youngest children arrived Port Adelaide S.A Australia 19/1/1854 on 'William Hammond'

        Children of MARTIN PAYNE and MARY ODELL are:

                   i.    SARAH6 PAYNE, b. 1832, HARLINGTON, Bedfordshire.

                  ii.    WILLIAM PAYNE, b. 1830, SUNDON.


William Payne arrived Sydney 1848  on 'Castle Eden'

Notes for Mary ODELL

Please note that this information  has been given  by Gary & Wendy Johnson

My Thanks to them.



MARY was born: 31 Jul 1808 in Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire,  England  (Parents Edward Odell and Ann Jones)


MARY MARRIED:  8th February 1830 in Sundon, Bedfordshire, England to MARTIN PAYNE 


MARTIN PAYNE was born:  1805 in Harlington, England  ( Parents William Payne and Elizabeth Hollingsworth).


MARY and MARTIN had the following children:



  1. William (1830-1898)
  2. Sarah (1832-)
  3. Elizabeth (1835-1920)
  4. Martha (1837-1912)
  5. Annech (Ann) (1841-1924)
  6. Charles (1841-1924)
  7. John (1847-1910)


  1. William PAYNE  9 May 1830, in Sundon, Bedfordshire, England and died 1898,in Benalla, VIC.  First Marriage: 1850,in Sydney, NSW to Anastasia (Ann) DRISCOLL Ann was born 1831,in Cork, ENG and died 1866, in VIC, assume Benalla area.  Parents: William DRISCOLL and Mary HUGGINS.  ISSUE:  Mary Ann (1851-),  William (1865-),  Arthur T (1869-).  Second Marriage:  1867, in Victoria, Australia to Lousia TAYLOR.  Lousia was born:  1845, Cork, ENG and died 1891, Benalla, VIC.  Parents: James (Jas) TAYLOR and Carol ALDOUSE.  ISSUE:  John Thomas (1869-),  Caroline Louisa (1871-),  James (1875-1875),  Florence Emily (1876-),  Alice (1877-),  Emma Frances (1879-).  Valentine Victoria Elizabeth (1883-1953),  and Jane (1885-)


Note for William:  William arrived in Australia in 1848 per 'Castle Eden'.  He traveled out with his cousins; William and Samuel ODELL. William and Samuel's parents were Edward ODELL and Mary SAWYER.   Edward ODELL was the son of Edward ODELL and Ann JONES and brother of the above Mary ODELL.


  1. Sarah PAYNE was born: 3 Oct 1832, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England
  2. Elizabeth PAYNE  was born: 12 Apr 1835, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England and died 1920, Beechworth, VIC.  Married: 29 Sep 1853, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England to William ASBURY.  William was born 1834, in Westoning, Bedfordshire, England and died 2 Jan 1872, in Hindmarsh Valley, SA.  Parents:  William ASBURY (~1800-).     ISSUE:  Charles (~1854-1923),  Martha (~1855-),  William (1856-1928),  Joseph (1862-1862),  Joseph (1863-1863),  Elizabeth (1864-),  Joseph Martin (1866-),  George (1868-1869),  Martin John (1869-1945),  Mary Ann (1871-),  Elizabeth (1873-).
  3. Martha PAYNE  was born:  4 Jun 1837, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England and died 1912, in Beechworth, VIC.
  4. Annech (Ann) PAYNE was born 2 May 1841, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England and died 1924, in Beechworth, VIC.  Married: 1860, in VIC to Daniel DRISCOLL.  Daniel was born abt 1828 and died 1911, East Melbourne, VIC.  ISSUE:  ??
  5. Charles PAYNE was born 30 May 1841, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England and died 1924, Beechworth, VIC.  Married abt 1866, in Beechworth, VIC to Isabella HODGES.  ISSUE:  William Martin (1867-),Charles (1868-),Frederick (1873-).
  6. John PAYNE was born 11 Jul 1847, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England and died 1910, Beechworth, VIC.  Married abt 1876 to Mary PHILLIPS.  ISSUE:  Maud Frances (1877-1879),  Walter Ernest (1880-),  Lilias (1888-).


MARY ODELL AND MARTIN PAYNE departed from Southampton, ENG on 21 Oct 1853 and arrived at Port Adelaide, Australia on 19 Jan 1854 per 'William Hammond'.  With them were their children; John, Charles,  Annech and Elizabeth, with her husband William Asbury.  The Payne's stayed in Burra SA for approximately 1 year and then moved to Beechworth VIC.


William and Elizabeth Asbury remained in SA until c1872 when after the death of William Asbury, (died 2 Jan 1872 in Hindmarsh Valley), Elizabeth and her surviving children, moved to Beechworth (to be with her parents??). 


WILLIAM DIED:  assume Beechworth  VIC.


MARY DIED: assume Beechworth  VIC.

Additional information on Mary's  parent Edward Odell:


Extra information on Mary's parent, Edward (snr) ODELL.  He was transported to Australia in 1837 for 'receiving stolen grain' while living in Sundon, ENG.   For this, he, his sons, Abraham and James received 7 years.  Abraham was sent to NSW.  Edward (snr) and James were sent to Tasmania.  James died in 1838 and Edward (snr) did his time. 
In the mean time (1839), Edward (jnr) was tried for stealing barley. He was sentenced for 7 years in NSW.  When his time was done he moved to and lived in Armidale, NSW.  I assume to be with his brother Abraham.
After Edward (snr) completed his sentence he travelled to Armidale, NSW where his sons Edward and Abraham were.  

                  iii.    MARTHA PAYNE, b. 1837, HARLINGTON.

6.              iv.    JOHN PAYNE, b. 1847,  HARLINGTON; d. 1910 , BEECHWORTH, Victoria Australia.

                  v.    ELIZABETH PAYNE, b. HARLINGTON.

                 vi.    CHARLES PAYNE, b. 1841, HARLINGTON.

                vii.    ANNECH PAYNE, b. 1845, HARLINGTON.

  Generation No. 6

 6.  JOHN6 PAYNE (MARTIN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 1847 in HARLINGTON, and died 1910 in BEECHWORTH, Victoria Australia.  He married MARY PHILLIPS 1873 in Beechworth.  She was born 1852 in Dockers Plains, Victoria, and died 1918 in BEECHWORTH, Victoria Australia.

        Children of JOHN PAYNE and MARY PHILLIPS are:

                   i.    JOHN7 PAYNE, b. 1876; d. 1928.

7.               ii.    WALTER  ERNEST PAYNE, b. 1880; d. 1965.

                 iii.    EDITH PAYNE, b. 1883.

                 iv.    MAUDE PAYNE, b. 1883.

                  v.    ARTHUR PAYNE, b. 1884; d. 1894.

                 vi.    ALICE PAYNE, b. 1886; d. 1904.

                vii.    LILIAS PAYNE, b. 1888; d. 1904.

               viii.    MAY PAYNE, b. 1883.


  Generation No. 7

 7.  WALTER ERNEST7 PAYNE (JOHN6, MARTIN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 1880, and died 1965.  He married ELIZA HARRISON VASKESS.  She was born 1887, and died 1977.

        Children of WALTER PAYNE and ELIZA VASKESS are:

                   i.    WALTER ERNEST8 PAYNE, b. 1916.

                  ii.    HARRY VASKESS PAYNE, b. 1918; d. 1924.

8.              iii.    GORDON JOSEPH PAYNE, b. 23 May 1922, Wollongong, NSW Australia.

                 iv.    ARTHUR VASKESS PAYNE, b. 1925.

  Generation No. 8

 8.  GORDON JOSEPH8 PAYNE (WALTER ERNEST7, JOHN6, MARTIN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 23 May 1922 in Wollongong, NSW Australia.  He married DOROTHY MAY STACEY 06 Aug 1948 in Kemble Heoghts, NSW Australia, daughter of THOMAS STACEY and HILDA ACKROYD.  She was born 15 Sep 1928 in Wollongong, NSW Australia.

        Children of GORDON PAYNE and DOROTHY STACEY are:

                   i.    ALAN THOMAS9 PAYNE, b. 27 Feb 1952, Wollongong, NSW Australia.

9.               ii.    RHONDA ELIZABETH PAYNE, b. 19 Jul 1954, Wollongong, NSW Australia.

10.            iii.    WENDY PATRICIA PAYNE, b. 20 Oct 1956, Wollongong, NSW Australia.

11.            iv.    BRUCE WILLIAM PAYNE, b. 07 Nov 1959, Wollongong, NSW Australia.  

Generation No. 9

 9.  RHONDA ELIZABETH9 PAYNE (GORDON JOSEPH8, WALTER ERNEST7, JOHN6, MARTIN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 19 Jul 1954 in Wollongong, NSW Australia.  She married (1) ROGER GILLIS.  He was born 08 Jul 1954.  She married (2) GEORGE LOUIS VERASTEGUI.  He was born 06 Mar 1963 in LIMA PERU.       

Children of RHONDA PAYNE and ROGER GILLIS are:

                   i.    MELONIE10 GILLIS, b. 16 May 1972, Wollongong, NSW Australia; m. ANDREW ROBERT ISON; b. Wollongong, NSW Australia.

                  ii.    AMANDA JUNE GILLIS, b. 16 Jun 1973, Wollongong, NSW Australia; m. DONALD ARCHIBALD.

      Children of RHONDA PAYNE and GEORGE VERASTEGUI are:

                 iii.    GEORGIA ROSE10 VERASTEGUI, b. 05 Aug 2001.

                 iv.    RUBY ELIZABETH VERASTEGUI, b. 05 Aug 2001.

10.  WENDY PATRICIA9 PAYNE (GORDON JOSEPH8, WALTER ERNEST7, JOHN6, MARTIN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 20 Oct 1956 in Wollongong, NSW Australia.  She married KIM HAMMOND.  He was born 13 May 1958 in Wollongong, NSW Australia.

        Children of WENDY PAYNE and KIM HAMMOND are:

                   i.    MEGAN LOUISE10 HAMMOND, b. 11 Dec 1979, MAUYA, NSW AUSTRALIA; m. JUSTIN CASEY BURGGRAFF; b. 04 Nov 1979.

                  ii.    TIMOTHY JOSEPH HAMMOND, b. 29 Apr 1985, CAMBERA  A.C.T, AUSTRALIA.

 11.  BRUCE WILLIAM9 PAYNE (GORDON JOSEPH8, WALTER ERNEST7, JOHN6, MARTIN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born 07 Nov 1959 in Wollongong, NSW Australia.  He married CONNIE CAUNCA 17 Sep 1996.  She was born 23 Jun 1959 in LUZON, PHILLIPINES.

        Child of BRUCE PAYNE and CONNIE CAUNCA is:

                   i.    BRENT WILLIAM10 PAYNE, b. 15 Apr 1998, ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

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