She was the wife of Sir Thomas Johnson and widow of Brian Palmes of Lindley and

 also was the daughter of Thomas Lindley of Lindley

Please note that the spellings are of the period and are not modern spellings

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[Reg. Test.xiii. 717.]

In the name of God, Amen. The first day of Aprile, in the year of our Lord God, 1550, and in the fourth year of the reign of ore soveryng lord Edward the sextet, I, lady Isabell Johnson,* widow, being hole of mynde and of good and perfect remembrance, thanes be to Almighty God, doith make this my last will and testament in maner and form as folowithe. First I gift my soul to Almighty God, my creator and redeemer, desiring our blessed ladie with all the blessed sanctes in heaven to pray with me and for me, that my soul and bodie may come to life everlasting through the merits of the passion of our Savior Jesus Christi, and my body to be buried within the churche at Otteley in on quere theire called our ladie quere, at such time as it shall please God to call me to his mercy.

 Item further where the third parte of such goods and cattelles, as well moveable as not moveable, which late were the goods and cattelles of the right worshipfull Sir Thomas Johnson, my late husband, decessed, by the kinges highness laws of this his realrne ofEngland, and the custom of the same doith of right appertain unto me, the said ladie Isabell Johnson, widow, which goods certainly appereth in on. inventarie thereof maide immediately after the deathe of my said husband; I will that all my said third parte of the said goods or the full velour be distributed and geven to my children and other persons hereafter named in. manner and form as foolish. That is to say, I gift unto my welbelovyd doughtour Mawde Beckewithe the sum of xii. To my doughtour Jane Catterall other x li.

 To my son Frances Palmes the som ofx li. To my son Henrie Johnson other ten poundes. To my son Thomas Palmes x li. And to my son Arthur Johnson other x li. To my doughtour Margarete Johnson the som ofx li., and to my doughtour Frances Johnson other ten poundes; and the said somes of money by me thus severally given to every of my said children I will the same to be levied and maide of my goods by such persons as in this my will shalbe nominated my executours, and then my executours to paye the same to my said children according to the tenour of this my will. Item I gift to my son Frances Palmes one flower of gold sett with diamondes and a pare of beades of stones and goldsmyth wake, in consideracon of a crosse and other such jewels as was my late husband, Brian Palmes, and his father, decessed, and put away by my late husband Sir Thomas Johnson,deceased.

 I gift to my said son Frances Palmes my leace and interest which I lately did take of the half parsonage of Otteley and my leace of a closse lying in Tymble during such Years as is mentioned in the said leaces and as yet not expired, upon consideracon that my said son Frances Palmes shall pay unto every of my said children above named the some of forty shillings lawful English money. Item I will that Moister Scrimshaw, being execatour unto my said late husband, do pay unto Mawde Lyndley, doughtour of Christofer Lyndley decessed, alsuche somes of money as was receyved by my said late husband for her childe person, and that my executours pay unto the said Mawde Lyndley alsuche somes of money as I have receyved since the death of my said husband, being also a parte of her childe person. Item I gift unto the said Mawde Lyndley the som of xl .or else ii was with calf, towards the better preferment other marriage.

Item I gift to every of my servants and women servants which hath dwelled with me by the specie of on year, to every of them, vj s. viij d. Item I will and hertely do desire mywelbelovyd cousyng William Scrymshey, esquyer, that he will paye unto my doughtour and other persons named in my late husband will all suche somes of money as to them is given by the said will, and further that he will se the same well performed according as my full trust is in him for the same. And the residue of my goods I gift to my son Frances Palmes, whom I make my full and whole executour. And I make supervisors my wel belovyd  cousyng George Palmes, Archediacon of Yorke, and my friend Thomas Hardwike, gentleman,  and I gift unto either of them the som ofxl s., and there costes to be borne by my executours  at such times as they shall take paynes to se this my will performed. Written and red before the said ladie Isabell Johnson, widow, the daye and yere  above written, per me Thomas Herdwike, in the presence of Thomas Beckewithe,  esquire, and William Dicconson.

[Proved 16 April, 7557]

Daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Lindley. Esq... of Lindley, near Otley, whose will, dated 1 April was proved 1 October, 1524, at York (see Thoresby Society Miscellanea, ix, 181). She married, first . Brian Palmes, whose will, dated 2 Oct., 1528, is printed in Test. Ebor., v. 264. By her first husbandshe had Sir Francis Palmes, of Lindley. The will other second husband, Sir T. Johnson, is printed No.162 in this volume.




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