St. Oswald's Church, Leathley

Photograph by kind permission of the copyright owner, Melanie Towler.



In the name of God Amen: the sexte day of September in the year of our lord God 1557. I Edwarde Lyndley, of Leatheley, in the countye of Yorke, clerke, of hole mynde & pfett remŽbrance, but seke in body, do make my testamente and last wyll in maner and forme followynge. Fyrst. I giue my soull to allmyghtye God my maker and to Jhu chryst my redemer, that yt may be accompanyed wythe our most blessed lady saynt Marye and the celestiall company of heauen, and my mortall body to be buried wythin the pyshe churche of Leathley. Ití I wyll that my executor shall delyver towarde the makynge of a wyndowe in the southe of the said churche enenste the queare ijs vjd, and also towards the amendinge and repayringe of Washburnbrigge xxd, whiche said money wth more was gyven to the said vse by the testament of Pícyvall Lyndley my father, for the moyte wherof I stande charged. Item I giue and bequeathe to my nece, Laurance Lyndley wyfe, one counter, and she to haue the same and the vse therof vnto suche tyme as John Lyndley her sonne shall come to the aige of xxj yeares and then I wyll that the said John haue yt to hym and his hayres maile for ever. Item I giue to Hughe Cooke and his wyfe xiijs iiijd. Ití I giue to Isabell Whyteheade a hrokenhorned cowe. Ití I giue to Jennett my síante ij sheipe. Ití I giue to Edward Angrom ij sheipe. Ití I giue to George Bradley wyfe a blake cowe, one couerlett & a shete and a blankett. Ití I giue to euíy one of my godchylder iiijd. Ití I giue to my cosinge Francys Browne vjs viiid whiche ys in his hand, and also the good wyll and interest that I haue in my fermhold humly requyrynge my nece Lynley to be good mastres to hym therin, and the rather at thys my request. The residew of my goods, my detts payd, my legacs fulfyllyd, and my funíall expenssí deductyd I gyeve to Persyuell Browne my Cosynge to the vse of John Lyndley my bayse begotten son. And I wylI that the sayd Píciuell shall haue as well the custodye of the sayd goods as of the body of the sayd John vnto he cum to the age of xxj yerys and then the sayd Pícyvell to deliuí the clere valor of my goods according as they ware aprasyd in my Inventorye. And yf yt fortun the sayd John Lyndley depart frome thys world befor he acomplyshe the sayd aege, then I wyIl that frelye and holy the sayd goode remayn for eue vnto the sayd Pícyvell whome also I constitut and make my soyle executor of thys my wyll and testament, and I do geve vnto hym for hys payns sustenyd herebefore xs. These beyng wyttnes, sí Thomas Helme, píson of Lethley,Pícyvell Mason,Rycherde Foster,and others

 mo Proved 1st December 1557



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