History of the Hutchinson Family

At present  (7/4/2007)  the author has traced the Hutchinson family back to the early 1800's.

Walter Hutchinson (The WW1 Diarist) was born about 1888 at either Beighton in Derbyshire.  Walter was married at Conisbrough in 1918 to a Evelyn Lindley, the authors Aunt. Walter at that time was a Solder and was in the battle of the the Somme and wrote a War Diary of Events at that time. Extracts of this can be seen on Page 1


His parents were William Hutchinson and Lucy Bamforth. William was born at Beighton and Lucy born at Handsworth Woodhouse near Sheffield. William was born in 1855 and Lucy in 1848, they were married at Handsworth Sheffield. William was down as a Carter, but later was a Coal Miner Both William & Lucy died at Denaby Main, but were buried at Beighton Church. There may have been a family 'Plot' there, this is currently being investigated.


Rotherham All Saints Church

Rotherham All Saints Church


William's father was a Charles Hutchinson who was born at Loversall in 1818 and lived for a time at Beighton as a Farmer, later to be a Coal Miner. His wife was a Sarah Shaw. They were married at Rotherham All Saints in 1839, living at that time at Eastwood a small suburb of Rotherham.



Loversall St Katherins's

Loversall St Katherine's


The author has discovered that Charles Hutchinson's father was a William Hutchinson and was probably born at Luversall, this may be confirmed when more research is done at Loversall.



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